Hult International Business Schoolは、MBA国際認証機関のひとつであるAACSB認証を取得しました。

AACSB(The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)は、1916年に設立された世界最大のビジネス教育アライアンスで世界785校のビジネススクールを認証しています。今回のAACSB認証の取得はHultが世界最高品質の教育を提供していることの証明となります。

Hult’sのプレジデントDr. Stephen Hodgesは今回のAACSB認証取得についてこう語っています。

“This recognition is testament not just to the tireless work of faculty and staff within the school, but of course to our passionate and talented students and alumni. We received some exceptional feedback from the AACSB review team and it is encouraging to hear something we believe so passionately in at Hult from external organizations, especially one as respected as AACSB”.

HultのChief Academic Officer 、Dr. Johan Roosは認証までのプロセスは過酷だったが満足のいく経験となったと言います。

“This has been an incredibly intensive period for everyone involved, and a lot of colleagues contributed in telling reviewers how great faculty and professional staff offer great education to an amazingly diverse group of fantastic students, while we also transform business education. We set an audacious goal, we worked hard, and together we did it. It’s affirming to know we are able deliver the highest international academic standards while staying true to our roots as a disruptive innovator in the field of business education.”


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